Custom Carpets

We offer two types of custom carpets; custom sized rugs and custom made rugs/carpets.
Both are available for custom shape and vast selection of bindings.
The process to create the rugs will vary project by project.
We are very flexible to work for any custom orders.

Custom Size

Purchasing custom sized carpet is very simple. Choose the style from manufacturers' stock items, decide size and border.
The collection of border materials includes cotton tapes, tapestry fabric, leather, and suede.

Full Custom

Making a full custom carpet is a time consuming work. That's why we are here to help. For full custom, some customers bring specific design and colors to us, while others select from our database of previous work or artwork collection, which can modify to suit your project.
We will guide you through selecting design, materials and colors, sometimes go to the jobsite to make actual size template.

All carpets, made of wool and silk, are hand-tufted.
They are manufactured in our factory in Japan or Thailand.
The product has no limitation in size, shape, color, texture and design.

Strikeoff sample about 5 weeks.
Production about 12 weeks + Sea Freight Shipment 4 weeks, total 16 weeks.
(Air freight shipment available which is 1 week transportation time.)

custom carpet